Where Christmas Happens

Where Christmas Happens

Let’s experience the joy of the holiday period together! Everything is ready for Christmas here: the glittering decorations, the music playing in the streets, the unmissable events, and the gifts you can’t wait to choose for your loved ones. So while you’re out window shopping, the feeling of joy suddenly fills you. It happens as if by magic and you know that Christmas is here. Don’t miss the upcoming events:


Workshop for children

Workshop for children

Sunday 3 December, 11am-1pm Santa’s Village – play with the Elves and dress up in Christmas-themed costumes. Giant soap bubble show and Christmas baby dance. Sunday 10 December, 11am-1pm Handicraft workshop to create small decorative trees out of tongue depressors, glittery EVA rubber, pipe cleaners and small bells. Christmas baby dance with the Elves. Sunday 17 December, 11am-1pm Santa’s Village – letter writing to Father Christmas and souvenir Polaroid photo with Santa Claus. Balloon sculptures for all kids. Free entry. See you!

Christmas on ice – Ice skating rink

Christmas on ice – Ice skating rink

From New York to Moscow and from London to Paris, the ice-skating rink is the queen of winter and this year it comes to Puglia Village too, making Christmas even more magical. See you until 31 January for 250 square metres of pure fun. Don’t miss it.

From Monday to Friday 4pm – 10pm
Saturday – Sunday – Holidays 10am – midnight
From 23 Dec 2023 to 8 Jan 2024 10am – midnight
250-square-meter rink (with track)

Prices - Skates rental 30 minute € 8,00 - Skates rental 60 minute € 10,00 - Support rental € 2,00 With Village Card - Skates rental 30 minute € 7,00 - Skates rental 60 minute € 9,00 Carnet with 10 entrance € 60,00 Valid for 30 minute entrance (from monday to friday, not valid for holidays and eves) and not valid for single group entrance.


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Where Christmas Happens

Let’s experience the joy of the holiday period together!


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