Terme di Chianciano


Terme di Chianciano

Terme di Chianciano - Water Revolution - Enjoy it with us Terme di Chianciano are an international top destination for thermalism in Tuscany thanks to the completeness and excellence of the offer, made even more palatable by an extraordinary geographical location between the Valdichiana and the Val d ' Orcia, rich in history, culture, nature and typical local food and wine.

Sensory Spa Immersed in the Acqua Santa Park, surrounded by centuries-old trees, they are the ideal place to enjoy the silence, the fresh air and the scent of nature in every season. Sensory Spas host twenty wonders, twenty different experiences, including Turkish bath, whirlpools, underwater music, saunas, mud, music therapy, chromotherapy, salt room, aromatherapy, relaxation corner with herbal teas, garden, energy pyramid, ice shower. Possibility to follow 4 paths, with different effects: relaxing, energizing, purifying, balancing.

Path of Taste - Lunch with organic recipes and Km. The Sensory Spa has also been enriched with an additional sense, that of taste, thanks to the path with recipes signed by the well-known dietician Nicola Sorrentino. It is a rich buffet made with organic and Km 0 ingredients, where different recipes are found in every season in addition to the most renowned typical products, such as Tuscan ham, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Pecorino di Pienza.

Theia Thermal Pools The new Theia Thermal Pools, with internal and external pools, all connected to each other, are powered by water from the Sillene thermal spring at a temperature between 33 and 36 degrees, therefore ideal for use in all seasons. Rich in carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, bicarbonate and sulphates, they exert an anti-inflammatory action on the skeletal muscle and eutrophic system on the skin. They are the ideal destination for families with children (from zero to twelve years old). The only ones in Italy where children can enjoy a wellness experience in a fun way in the dry cave, in the wet cave, in the emotional showers and in the swimming pools completely dedicated to them. Inside the Theia pools there is a splendid park, the bar-restaurant which offers a great variety of delicious dishes and foods and a brand new wellness center with Finnish sauna, cold shower, relaxation area, emotional showers, rasul and Turkish bath.


  • Thermal Pools Theia: 20% discount on the list price.
  • Entrance to the Terme Sensoriali spa 20%discount
  • Wellness treatments, 20% discount (single service)
  • Massages, 20% discount (single service)


  • Spa treatments (single service) 20% discount
  • Therapeutic massages (single service) 20% discount


  • Sensory Spa cosmetic line 20% discount
  • Bottled holy water of Terme di Chianciano 20% discount
  • Ready Salt of Terme di Chianciano 20% discount
  • Sensory Spa entrance gift voucher (valid for 12 months from issue) 20% discount
  • Wellness treatments gift voucher (valid for 12 months from issue) 20% discount


Village Card: Village Card: conventions and discounts for wellness services, spa treatments and gift ideas a 20% discount on the list price

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